Flannel Polishing Cloth


Cosmetic Final Buffing Cloth to remove strike marks and swirls

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This is the 13 ounce 100% cotton-face virgin cotton flannel (“sweatshirt material”) used with orbital buffers with Nuvite NuShine II Grade S to get that final “Nuvite Look” of extreme depth and image in your polished metal. See Detailed Metal Polishing Procedures for recommended use. Package of 10 20” X 30” (approx.) sheets gives many “polishing positions” on each sheet for economy.

Although the process has developed over the years, the use of the Cyclo Model 5 with “95-5” cotton flannel wrapped over the face of the twin heads has never been improved upon. The Cyclo/flannel combination gives you the best result in the quickest time (it is very efficient) and when you finish, there are no swirl marks and very little cleanup/hand work is required. A little time saved on the polish job goes a long way – and the Cyclo gets the job done faster and easier -every time.

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